Rethink the Horse Tax is the campaign for a fair approach to improving horse health and welfare in the UK


The Government is planning to make the horse community pay a new annual charge in order to create and run a new Government body to deal with animal health. A detailed look at the negative impact which these proposals would have on the horse sector can be found on the Campaign section of the new Rethink the Horse Tax website.

Rethink the Horse Tax is a resource for everyone involved in the UK's diverse horse community - from those involved in riding, breeding or caring for horses on a daily basis to those concerned that the Government's plans as they stand are not an effective use of either taxpayer's or horse owner's money.

So we need you make your voice heard. Via this website you can:

  1. Write to your local MP - still one of the most effective ways you can raise your concerns in Westminster.
  2. Sign a 10 Downing Street Petition
  3. Sign up for regular updates on the campaign

Your support for this campaign will make a difference - the proposals are still being discussed within Government so now is the time to voice your concerns and help bring about a rethink on the horse tax.

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