Preventing and treating pressure sores with Parafricta zero friction fabric


 Parafricta - zero friction fabric to help prevent pressure Ulcers

 How do pressure ulcers develop?

  •  You will only develop a pressure ulcer if you are unable to move for any reason
  • Anyone who cannot move has increased risk of developing pressure ulcers if they are not eating or if they are ill with a low blood pressure.
  • If you cannot move independently, you will be at much greater risk if you cannot help sliding down in a chair or bed
  • You will be at very high risk if your heel is placed on the floor and you cannot move it without help
  • You will be at very high risk if you have an operation and you are not provided with an appropriate mattress

 Preventing pressure ulcers

 The most important way of preventing a pressure ulcer is to be aware that it can happen so that you can work with your nurse and understand what is needed

  • One of the best ways for you to help is to keep moving so either move yourself every hour or ask to be moved
  • Ask your nurse or your carer to examine your pressure areas every day
  • Eating well and drinking enough water is important as it keeps your skin healthy and hydrated
  • If you are unable to move,

Parafricta have developed a revolutionary new fabric with zero friction properties that is now being used to both prevent and treat pressure sores. This fabric has been made up into:

  • Bedding such as sheets and pillow cases to reduce the friction between a patient in hospital or an person with limited mobility in their own home.
  • Booties to help prevent heel pressure sores
  • Undergarments protect the skin from damage through friction

More details on preventing and treating pressure sores are on

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