Parish and Church Notice Boards


In villages and communities across Great Britiain, the parish noticeboard is often the focal point for information about the village and local events. Church noticeboards also provide important information to churchgoers.

Often these noticeboards are in situ for many years and so need to withstand adverse weather and continued use, with notices and temporary information changed on a regular basis.

Traditionally noticeboards are made of wood or metal with a display area for notices that is protected by glass or plastic doors. Sadly sometimes these notice boards can be vandalised or simply damaged by bad weather.

Fitzpatrick Woolmer offer a range of quality parish and church noticeboards made from a number of different materials. They make weather resistant boards to ensure they last for many years.

Their display boards are also designed with vandal resistance in mind and have secure locking systems fitted as standard. They are available in various formats with one or multiple windows to display information.

All Fitzpatrick Woolmer noticeboards are manufactured in house; from timber, metal or recycled plastic. They can either be wall mounted or free standing on two legs. The boards themselves can be magnetic or made from cork.

Recycled plastic noticeboards are particularly good in the countryside, as they are more weather and pest resistant. This is ideal for areas that are remote where notices may not be changed very often and the boards not regularly maintained.

Wood effect recycled plastic is available for countryside display boards, so that they blend into the environment and look natural. Wood effect plastic is eco friendly because it is a recycled material and can be recycled itself at the end of its life.

So if you are looking for a quality notice board for countryside, parish or church use; you can rely on Fitzpatrick Woolmer to supply information boards that will serve your community for years to come.

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