New durable security labels and tags with laser etching


Dantech Ltd asset and security label experts have today announced the addition of laser etched barcodes and custom marking on both labels and stainless steel tags.

The laser beam produces a permanent marking into the surface of the selected label material including metals such as stainless steel and as the marking is computer controlled Dantech can guarantee both the precision and consistency of the mark or barcode.

Marking into a black label material produces a white text, barcode and numbering while the laser beam will produce a dark marking on stainless steel.

The security labels have a very strong 3M adhesive and cannot be removed in one piece without breaking up into small fragments making them an excellent deterrent against theft.

Laser etched marks are totally different to ordinary printed barcodes and text because they are physically etched into the surface of the material so that you can feel the etching with your fingernail. This makes these labels and tags extremely durable able to withstand a great deal of chemical, heat and/or abrasion.

Dantech Ltd are leaders in the fields of asset labelling solutions and customised ID requirements for offices and industry. In addition they also supply tactile danger warning labels and express online asset labels

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