Industrial GRP Products


What is GRP

GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic/ Glass Reinforced Polyester is a composite of materials which, when brought together under the right conditions, form a tough, lightweight, durable laminate with countless applications.

Produced as a shaped moulding or a flat sheet GRP has traditionally been used on vehicle bodies, but more recently it has been used to create GRP products for industry including GRP housings, GRP kiosks, GRP enclosures, GRP cabinets and GRP covers  where it out performs conventional materials such as metal and timber.

Why use GRP products

GRP products are increasingly popular due to their durability, cost effectiveness and multiple usage they don't dent, corrode, rot, support infestation or bacteria and have a high strength to weight ratio being several times stronger than mild steel on a weight for weight basis.

In addition companies like Kingsley Plastics are currently producing GRP products that are vandal resistant , acoustic and thermally insulated plus explosion and fire resistant.

Added to this GRP products can be custom designed, manufactured and installed to fit some of the most demanding industrial locations and specifications.

Find out more about industrial GRP from GRP specialists Kingsley Plastics Limited


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