Increase in Men Choosing Hair Loss Treatments

You New are an industry leading provider of hair transplants and treatments. They use the latest advances and technologies in hair loss research to offer effective cosmetic treatments. They provide eyebrow and body hair transplants as well as medication and other alternative hair restoration treatments for both male and female clients.

It was recently revealed that Gordon Ramsay, the world famous chef from Hells Kitchen and other cookery programmes, has apparently joined the long list of celebrities who treat their hair loss with modern hair implants. The transformation won't show yet as it takes a few months to see results from any hair transplant.

In choosing this type of treatment, Mr. Ramsay will join the ever increasing number of men suffering from male patterned baldness who are having hair replaced and improving their appearance. This simple out-patient procedure that can be carried out at You New Clinic.

Published on 31/12/2010

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