GRP Housing the Perfect Solution


GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic; this material is a lightweight, strong material with many uses and applications particularly for industry. GRP’s extreme versatility makes it ideal for use in a lot of industrial applications.

There are many advantages to using GRP as opposed to steel, wood and aluminium. GRP has a weight to weight ratio and a much higher strength plus it has a much higher resistance to any damage.

GRP’s non conductive and non corrosive properties plus it ability to be manufactured to be both fire and vandal resistant make it ideal for electrical housings.

Industrial GRP Specialists Kingsley Plastics Ltd manufactures utility GRP housings that are Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective. Their GRP housings can be tailor-made to meet exact specifications and can also be supplied with all services for the water, gas, telecoms, electrical, industrial and petroleum industries.

For more information on GRP products including GRP Housings visit Kingsley Plastics website.

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