Engineering Projects


An Engineering Department or Company will be responsible for the implementation of engineering work that includes the coordination of and planning, any conceptual plans, construction plan designs where relevant and the construction, testing and implementing of the work.

Engineering traditionally involves areas such as mechanical or electrical engineering as associated with heavy industry and the production of products and systems. But increasingly engineering projects include the newer areas of IT or bio technology. This requires a very different language and dictionary but similar principles in terms of project management. Many engineering projects now involve  a range of different skill sets with people trained in very different subjects working together on one project.

Ensuring the terms of business for an engineering contract are correctly drawn up may need the help of an engineering solicitor or a lawyer who specialises in engineering and technical contracts.

Carrying out the project will require some form of project management. This can be done by the team members or an external agency or contractor used. The costs of project managing a large engineering project can be large – but this is essential for the project to run smoothly.

Towards the end of a project there will be a testing and final delivery phase to ensure all is working according to specification. Many projects finish successfully on time. But sometimes delays occur, and then it is wise to use an engineering contact mediator to reach agreement quickly on payment before any delay turns into a dispute.

After completion many engineering projects have a follow on support and maintenance phases in which modifications might be made to the final product.

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