Barcode Asset Labels For Asset Management


With the increasing use of technology in both the work and home environment it is becoming more and more important for organisations and individuals to keep track of all their valuable assets.

However, keep track of these assets can create a significant challenge. Using asset labels in conjunction with a well maintained database can help you keep track not only of your asset’s, but also their location and condition.

In addition it is good practice to keep an asset register in case of fire or theft to prove ownership – indeed it might even be a condition of your insurance cover - and an asset label may also discourage ‘asset misappropriation’, including theft and fraud.

Barcode asset labels

The most popular approach to asset tracking is to use barcode asset labels where each item has its own unique barcode this can save you a lot of time when making an inventory. Barcodes simplify asset label identification and provide a simple, accurate and cost effective way for identifying a unique number and asset.

Barcodes will also help identification - The black and white bars represent a unique identification for an asset and the barcode provide a simple, accurate and cost effective way for identifying a unique number by using a barcode scanner and makes barcodes ideal for quick inventory of your assets. Thus, the cost of adding a barcode to you asset labels is minimal, but the benefits are potentially large.

Barcodes are very easy to add to asset labels and even if you don’t currently have a barcode system in place it is worth adding them to your asset tags in advance to save money later on.

Custom Asset Labels from are supplied with a symbology called Code 39 – or Code 3 of 9 – which is a widespread industry ‘standard’ because of its simplicity and versatility and can contain both letters and numbers. Barcode and sequential numbering can also be included at no extra cost.

Asset labels from ExpressLabels are quick and easy to create and orders for 2,000 labels or less are dispatched within 2 working days.

For more information or to start creating your own asset labels visits today!

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