2011 the year for Asset Tracking


2011 is likely to be a challenging year with budget cuts happening across many public and private organisations. The result is an increased need to get the most out of existing resources including equipment and assets thus bringing new opportunities for automatic label identification, i.e. inventory tracking, asset tracking, work-in-process, etc...

The benefits of asset tracking are countless and include:

  • Time and resource savings - saving man hours because you don't have to hunt down missing equipment and saving money because you don't need to replace "lost" or misappropriated assets and equipment.
  • Improved use and maintenance of assets - leads to better utilization of assets because you are able to easily track maintenance and service records as well as other valuable information.

The definition of an asset has changed so much and the automatic identification has evolved in order to meet the changing needs of the customers by using serialised labels and nameplates and everything in between.

By including a barcode on the asset label, you can easily keep track of all items. At times when you need to send your assets out of your company premises for repair or other purpose, your asset labels differentiate your items from other similar assets. Asset labels with a company logo not only help identify your assets, but also help you keep your company and brand identity in front of others. Thus you can use these asset tags to advertise your products.

Today, every organisation is aware of the need to keep track of its valuable assets. Whether fixed or moveable, each asset when marked with a label will help you locate it easily. Not only the location, but you can check which particular asset is used by which person. Additionally, the asset labels protect your expensive assets from theft as well.

For more information on asset labels visit www.idassetlabels.co.uk in addition if you would like to know more about designing your own asset labels online visit www.expresslabels.co.uk

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