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If you love the movies it is now possible to create an authentic home cinema in your living room. With the advancement of flat screen TV technology you can watch your favourite films on a large state of the art screen.

Audio technology, as well as high quality visuals, serve to create a movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. The development of multi-channel audio systems began to create a new home cinema experience back in the 1980s.

The progression from VHS to DVD technology in the first decade of this century allowed a more seamless and visually stunning experience. Dolby Digital Surround Sound also enabled home cinema audiences to be literally surrounded by sound and so become really involved in the whole movie experience.

In the past couple of years Blu-Ray technology has developed, which offers an even greater picture and sound quality than DVDs. 3D televisions are also becoming popular, allowing the viewer to become even more involved in the movie. The visuals literally appear to come out of the screen as 3D objects and surround the audience.

So home cinema technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades. If you have the right equipment it is now possible to create the sounds and sights of a modern cinema in your own home.

Grahams Home Cinema offer the latest technology to re-create that cinema experience. They supply a range of DVD, Blu-Ray and flat screen equipment that offers top quality picture and sound.

As they say on their website, ‘If you love watching films, then the best place to enjoy them is at home - with a Grahams home cinema system. This will give you the highest quality of sound and picture, bringing films to life and allowing you to enjoy them as fully as their directors intended.’

For more information on Grahams Home Cinema visit their website.

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