Choosing Home Cinema Screens


Your home cinema screen is one of the most important considerations when setting up a home cinema. Although lighting and sound are important, the screen and the projector are key to the quality of your home cinema experience.

If you have the space and funds to go for a dedicated home cinema room, then you really want the focus of the room to be on the home cinema screen. In other words the screen should be large to give you an all around viewing experience.

To be completely immersed in your home cinema a 25 or 26 inch screen may be too small. Even if you can't afford a full project screen setup, something like a 40 or 50 inch HD screen will give you a better experience.

However, if you want a luxury home cinema experience, then a home cinema projector is essential. High end projectors are a key component of your movie watching experience at home.

The quality of these projectors has improved greatly in recent years, with better contrast and brightness as well as higher resolution. This results in a really high quality picture that will make your home cinema experience the best it can be.

If you want a quality home cinema system and need advice from experts, Grahams Home Cinema can offer top end equipment as well as friendly advice to ensure you get a system that is right for you. Contact Grahams today to find out more about their bespoke home cinema service.

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