Home Cinema Projectors


For a quality home cinema experience you need a good projector. Picture clarity is essential and modern screens and projecting systems can give you excellent moving images.

Contemporary projectors can give better brightness and contrast as well as a higher resolution image. These elements are important factors to consider when buying a home cinema projector.

In terms of brightness, there needs to be around 1800 lumens for a screen that can be easily seen in daylight. Resolution should be 1902 x 1080 pixels, or higher. Contrast needs to be high too, around 5,000:1 is preferable.

Choose a good quality, well known manufacturer when buying your home cinema projector as this will ensure your projecting equipment is reliable and of high standard.

There are other little details to check when buying your home cinema equipment. Things like making sure there is HDMI input for the connection sockets, as this makes it much easier to connect all your HD equipment together.

If you need help and advice on aspects of choosing the right home cinema system, including projectors, then Grahams can help with this. They are experts on advising and installing top quality systems. For more information visit the Grahams Home Cinema website today.

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