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If you are looking for a quality home cinema, there are a lot of excellent manufacturers on the market. They can provide all the equipment and accessories you need, offering a home cinema system that will last for years.

There are home cinema manufacturers established all over the world. There are many in the UK that provide high quality equipment, but also manufacturers from other countries including America, Germany and Japan.

Acram is a leading UK manufacturer of home cinema. They offer high end electrical goods and home cinema equipment. They were the first manufacturer to produce a DAB tuner and offer quality home cinema equipment today.

There are a few Japanese manufacturers of home cinema equipment, JVC and Denon being the leading ones. JVC was founded in 1927 and some of its technological innovations have influenced the way the technology revolution has developed over the years.

JVC were the inventors of the VHS video format and their projectors are some of the highest quality available for home cinema usage. Denon is an even older Japanese company, established in 1910, they are a specialised technology company offering innovative products like micro systems.

Lowe is a leading German home cinema technology manufacturer. They are  a provider of innovation TV solutions, first offering their models in the 1930s. Today, Lowe’s TVs and home cinema equipment is some of the best available.

Grahams Home Cinema stock a fantastic range of home cinema equipment, from a wide range of manufacturers. They offer knowledgeable advice and can create bespoke home cinema systems that combine technology from the world’s leading home cinema manufacturers

For more information visit the Grahams’ website and browse their choice of high end home cinema equipment.

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