Home Cinema and Blu-ray Technology


Contemporary home cinema systems need the latest technology to ensure great sound and visuals when watching movies.

Blu-ray Disks are now an essential part of the home cinema experience. They were first developed in the year 2000 and were released for general distribution in 2006.

A Blu-ray Disk is basically the next generation of DVD, and works by storing the data in many layers. This means much more data can be stored on the disk. It offers more than five times the storage capacity of standard DVDs.

The Blu-ray format was developed to enable faster recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), and data. It is also referred to as a High Density Optical Disk. The high density gives a better picture than regular DVDs.

This is an important consideration for those with high-spec home cinema equipment who are looking for high-definition disks that offer the best possible picture quality when playing movies.

The reference to 'blu' or 'blue' is because a blue laser is used to read the disk. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than red light and this enables the data to be stored more tightly together.

The format has support from leading electronics and media companies as well as the Hollywood studios. There are currently thousands of films available on Blu-ray and this number is rapidly growing.

So when buying your home cinema system, consider investing in a Blu-ray Player. Blu-ray is the next generation format to play your favourite films.

Grahams Home Cinema offer a great selection of Blu-ray players. They can design a bespoke home cinema system that includes the latest Blu-ray technology.

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