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For a state of the art home cinema you not only need the right DVD or Blu-Ray player, you also need the right screen and sound system.

There are many top quality DVD/Blu-Ray systems on the market. These include the Denon CARA Blu-Ray/Surround Receiver, Arcam BDP-100 Blu-Ray Player, Marantz UD8004 Blu-Ray Player, Meridian 800D DVD Player and Pioneer BDP-LX91 Blu-Ray Player.

A high quality screen to watch your movie on is also important. You can get flat screens in a huge range of sizes now, from quality brands such as Toshiba, Samsung and Sony. 3D technology is now coming onto the market to enable a more involved, high definition viewing experience.

Great sound quality is also important to enhance the home cinema experience. The right surround processors and speakers make a great difference to the sound. Quality processors include the Rotel RSX-1560 Surround Processor, Classe CT-SSP Pre-Amp/Processor and Meridian 861 Surround Processor.

Speakers come in a huge variety of variations. Digital technology has improved their sound greatly in recent years. Top quality speakers include Epsos, M&K, B&W Diamond and Meridian Digital. You can purchase speakers to go all around the room to give that feeling of being enveloped in the movie.

So if you are looking for the dream home cinema experience then considering all of these elements will ensure your films are delivered in the highest quality manner.

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