Home Cinema and the Digital Switchover


Home cinema is becoming increasingly popular with the advent of digital technology. Large screens, DVD players and audio systems provide a quality cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home.

This summer sees the last of the digital updates around the country that will make TV entirely digital, with the analogue signal being switched off in a few months.

This means a lot of people are now buying flat screen digital TVs and Freeview boxes. In order to get a completely updated audio-visual system many people are also purchasing DVD or Blu-Ray Players and new speakers.

All this equipment provides the basics for a home cinema. If you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to TV or film watching, then you can go for a really large screen and create a pretty authentic cinema experience.

The high quality picture achieved with DVD or Blu-Ray enables great visuals that replicate a movie. Surround sound speakers can provide that feeling of being enveloped in the action of the film.

So your new set of equipment to enable you to enjoy television programmes in the future will also enable you to watch films and feel like you are at the movies every time!

Grahams Home Cinema provide a great range of home cinema equipment. They can design and install bespoke home cinema systems to suit every customer’s individual requirements. For more information visit the Grahams home cinema website.

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