The development of cinema from the 1930s


Cinema has evolved in many different ways since the 1930's which were the start of cinema's first golden age.

The Golden Age of Cinema

The Golden age of cinema is usually considered to be between 1930 and 1950. Theatres or purpose built cinemas became popular in even small towns and large numbers of people went there to be entertained. This was the age of the spectacular heroic picture with film stars becoming heroes.

Cinema in the 1960’s

This was the decade that television started and cinemas started to see falling numbers. The movies shown changed in style and became more reflective and traumatic, even pessimistic.

The 1970’s blockbusters

New technology enabled better special effects and this helped create the blockbusters of the 1970’s with films such as Star Wars.

More recent films

Despite the pessimism in the 1980’s about the future of cinema, cinemas have taken on a new lease of life with out of town cinema complexes being popular. This has coincided with big movies such as Avatar.

Cinema in the 21st century

Cinema is again changing with the development of home cinema and the ability to watch films in the comfort of your own home, with people you choose to be with. Many of the best luxury apartments and villas now boast state of the art cinema systems.

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