Why Asset Labels


Asset Labels are different from other labels in a number of areas and are primarily designed with security and ownership identification in mind although they can also be used for maintenance and repair tracking.

For example if you are a school you most likely have a lot of equipment like PC’s. This equipment needs to be identified as belonging to the school in addition you might also want to record when the PC’s were purchased as repairs or maintenance so the you have a good idea when these may need to replaced so that budgets can be arranged.

Asset labels will allow the school to id each PC with a tamper evident label (tamper evident labels will show if someone has tried to remove the asset label and are an excellent theft deterrent). By adding a unique barcode or number each items can be tracked and its history recorded.

This is just one example that highlights the applications of asset labels, but these labels don’t just work of big equipment like PC’s. You can asset label practically anything that your organisation needs to function from documents to machinery, below are a few examples:

  • Vinyl Asset Labels - durable and economical with a strong adhesive which will adhere to a wide range of surfaces. A clear laminating foil is applied to protect the printed image against abrasion and solvents and also provide heavy duty protection. Great all round option for a wide variety of applications.
  • Tamper Evident Void Asset Labels - Security labels with a universal adhesive with high initial tack that will bond to most surfaces. If the label is removed the word VOID is left on the surface and on the label itself clearly showing evidence of tampering – a theft deterrent that also discourages unauthorised asset transfers.
  • Asset Tracking Labels - Place main tracking label on asset and attach the smaller asset tracking labels to your records - simplifies record keeping and reduces the risk of handwritten errors and mistakes.

These are just a few of the many asset labels available for more information visit www.idassetlabels.co.uk

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