Tamper Evident Labels Protecting Your Assets


Sadly it is all too easy for valuable equipment or assets to go missing either through misplacement or theft.

Keeping track of your organisation's assets should be a simple process giving you piece of mind and ensuring your employees are held to a reasonable level of accountability.

Many organisations are surprised at just how simple it can be to add a tamper evident label to their assets. Asset labels that are tamper evident not only ensure your assets are clearly marked, but also work as a deterrent against misappropriation.

Dantech supply two type of tamper evident labels these are:

Ultra Destructible Vinyl Labels -   Will adhere to most surfaces and is impossible to remove in one piece. These asset labels will break into small pieces if anyone tries to remove them thus protecting your property.

Tamper Evident Void Labels - If the asset label is removed the word VOID is left on the surface and on the label itself clearly showing evidence of tampering plus for ultimate durability labels are finished with a clear lamination to protect the printed image.

For more information on tamper evident labels plus a whole host of asset security labels visit www.idassetlabels.co.uk

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