Asset Tags and Tagging For Small Businesses


A critical part of a small businesses success is having the ability to accurately track and tag its assets.

Whatever size your business is asset tracking should be part of your regular practices and this is even more important for small businesses as they are especial vulnerable if important assets are lost or stolen.  

However, small business owners are often time poor so you need a quick and easy asset tagging system.

Step One – Identify Your Assets

List all your assets including equipment, furniture, computers etc... Office supplies will be counted as inventory, but your furniture and electronics are assets.

Step Two – Asset Tagging

You now need to tag all these assets with an asset tag. You can easily design your own asset labels online including your company name and contact number plus give each label a unique set of numbers. Companies like will even dispatch orders of less than 2,000 labels within 2 working days.

Using asset tags/labels provides a consistent method of tagging assets that makes it easy to add new assets to in the future.

Step Three – Keep a Record

Put together a record of all your assets and the unique asset tag number associated with them.  Also include the assets location, date of purchase, condition, employee responsible for the item and current market value.

Ensure this record is kept in a safe place and is regularly updated to remove any assets you have disposed of or add any new assets you have purchased. With today technology it’s a good idea to make use of an online back-up system to protect your record from being lost or damaged.

You can also take photos of your office and the position and location of your assets. Take extra photos of items that are particularly valuable or important to your business. These can also be stored with your asset record.  In the event of an insurance loss, these pictures can be critical in settling your insurance claim.

If you total up the value of all your assets you may well be surprised at their total value.

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