Security Marking Laptops, Bikes and More...


We all have valuables that we want to protect, but unlike a unique family air loom identifying generic equipment like laptops and bikes can be difficult if it doesn’t have a security mark.

Think about it your car has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so why not you’re other valuables?

ID Silver Mark is a permanent visual security marking system suitable for all equipment with a 'shiny' surface such as laptops, projectors, cameras, mobiles, bikes, garden utilities, etc... - where chemical etching won't penetrate.

This security marking is applied to your valuable equipment with your name and other details, including sequential numbering, precision cut by laser into the material and then painted with UV ink.

The security marking labels are made from a special material which CANNOT be removed in one piece and it will break into small pieces if removal is attempted. Even if the security label is forcibly removed the text will glow visible if viewed under an UV lamp. This means that should your items be stolen the police can still identify your property even if the security marking label may appear to have been removed.

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