Metal Labels for Harsh Environments


Many industries need to be able to hold and maintain equipment and items capable of working in harsh environments including food processing, medical and laboratory conditions.

Barcode asset labelling provides the solution acting not only as a deterrent to theft and preventing items being lost by actively encouraging staff accountability. In addition asset labels with barcodes allow companies to track the lifecycle of equipment including:

  • When the asset was purchases and from whom
  • Who has handled or been responsible for the item
  • When maintenance was last performed
  • Current item condition (if damaged or on loan)

As these assets will be in harsh environments the best asset labelling solution is to use barcoded metal labels like stainless steel or aluminium barcode plates.

Dantech Stainless Steel barcode labels can endure tough environments where frequent cleaning and strong caustics are used. These metal label plates are made from durable 0.4 mm thick type 304 stainless steel and are highly resistant to the strongest acids and caustics plus they can also withstand sporadic heat to 400°C.

By fusing a ceramic image to the metal label plate using lasers Dantech provide a durable, long-lasting barcode which will withstand harsh conditions even if the barcode asset plates are subject to extreme temperatures or environments.

These barcode metal labels can also be supplied with strong 3M VHB adhesive which will resist high heat and chemicals or with holes for mechanical fasteners.

Dantech Metal Asset Labels

Dantech has printed and supplied asset labels since 1990 and they have focused on innovation through investment in the latest technology coupled with expert understanding of their customer's requirements in asset identification. This is why Dantech are leaders in the fields of asset labelling and customised ID marking.

For more information visit or call Dantech on 01354 688 488.

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