Manufacturing Asset Tracking & Tracing


There is an increasing need manufacturers to focus on compliance, quality assurance and traceability due to globe commercial pressures including regulatory mandates, especially the GS-1 global traceability standard.

Improved compliance, quality assurance and traceability not only reduces risk but also reduces inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Tracing takes two forms: The simple one is tracking a finished products through the supply chain as it moves between companies, for inventory and or logistical purposes by using a conventional barcode.

Identifying the origin of a particular unit and/or batch of a product within the supply chain is a more complicated procedure and needs to have all details available in case of a product recall or investigating complaints. They also require an in-depth analytical review of the complete manufacturing process to understand what information to encode and how best to achieve this plus the physical aspect of marking the item.

By using a 2D DataMatrix code data containing many digits such information can be contained within a small area less than a square inch.

Dantech have supplied these 2D ID MINI MARK codes for many years used by both manufacturing and medical use (identify instruments, their use and contamination cycle).

Other applications for these reliable and compact 2D Datamatrix codes from Dantech include large supermarket chains to demonstrate that they are supplying their food products from a named outlet. Pharmaceutical companies can verify that medicines supplied to third-world countries are not diverted to major world users.

Dantech has printed and supplied asset labels since 1990 investing in the latest technology with a clear understanding of their customer's requirements. They are amongst the leaders in the fields of asset labelling and customised ID marking requirements for offices and industry. Visit 

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