Metal Identification Plates - Bring in the Heavies


Industrial equipment can often be big, heavy and expensive, however, this does not prevent assets being misappropriated or stolen. If you run an industrial company you are probably already aware just how important it is to protect your equipment.

The industrial work place is very demanding and equipment often has to be subject to varying temperatures and harsh environments. Regular asset labels just don’t suit the demands of industry, so how do you identify your valuable equipment?

ID Trakamark Identification Plates – These metal id plates are made from solid aluminium and use an industrial strength adhesive that makes it near impossible to remove the without damaging the equipment.

Trakamark identification plates are printed with custom text of your choice and can include a warning message indicating that the equipment is traceable by the police plus telephone number to contact your company if lost equipment is recovered.

The id plates also include numbering/barcodes to assist asset recording making it much easier to keep track and identify each individual piece of equipment.

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