Identification Labels Who Needs Them?


Identification Labels are different from other types of labels in a number of areas and are primarily designed with ownership identification and security in mind.

For example your organisation most likely has a lot of equipment including PC’s, printers, copiers, phones etc... This equipment really should be identified as being owned by the company in a way that will not only deter theft, but also allow you to track the quantities of each equipment type and its current state of repair.

Why track quantities and state of repair? Well say you have 10 employees and each has a phone on their desk and you have 2 reserve phones you have in total 12 phones. If a phone is broken or a new employee starts there will be a spare phone available for them. However, what if the 2 reserve phones were broken and in need of repair, but this had not been reported. Unless you are tracking and recording the condition as well as the quantity of you assets you wouldn’t know that you had two phones needing to be repaired or replaced in affect rather than 12 working phones you only have 10.

The larger an organisation becomes the more small issues like this can become a big headache hence the need for asset tracking identification labels. Poor asset management can actually cost an organisation in the long run not only in lost or poorly maintained equipment, but also in lost productivity.

So back to my initial question who needs identification labels, well if you have valuable assets that you want to protect you do!

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