Asset Labels – Top 3 Benefits


Everyone has assets from the phone in your pocket to the Laptop on your desk and it's natural that we want to protect them.

If you run a business or organisation your asset responsibilities can greatly increase and keep control of the situation can become a nightmare. A simple cost effective solution involves the use of asset labelling.

There are many benefits to using asset labels over other ID marking and tracking systems, but here are just three of the main ones:

1 – Easier asset tracking

One of the top problems with asset management is that it is very easy for items to be misplaced or stolen. With asset labels each item can quickly and easily be identified and recorded and by using   corresponding asset management software you can locate the whereabouts of all your assets.

This is especially useful if you loan out equipment or have workers in multiple locations. By using clear identification tags and labels you can help to ensure everything is returned safely and on time.

2 – Improved asset life cycle management  

All assets have a certain life cycle involving their purchase, storage, maintenance/repair and final replacement. Poor asset life cycle management costs money incorrectly stored or maintained assets will often need premature replacement, which costs money.

When asset labels are combined with a system for managing the assets life cycle you can gain greater control of your assets and save money.

3 – Deter theft and misappropriation of your assets

Who do you trust with your assets? Given the opportunity can you guarantee that every asset will always be returned?

If your assets are clearly tagged with quality asset labels that can’t be easily removed plus regularly recorded and checked to ensure they are in the right place they are less likely to go missing.

These are just a few of the many benefits of asset labels for more information including a wide range of asset labels, asset tags, security labels and identification labels visit

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