Alcohol and Work


Drinks after work or business lunches are a common occurrence but heavy drinking can have a negative effect at work.

Estimates suggest that alcohol abuse and misuse costs UK firms £3 billion a year, although accurate figures are hard to collate on this issue.

Alcohol can cause workplace absence, productivity issues, accidents and arguments. It can also damage relationships between colleagues and hamper career progression. Estimates suggest that hangovers cost UK companies between £53 million and £108 million annually.

Alcohol can cause issues with workplace safety. Research shows that a fifth of workplace accidents and as many as half of deaths are related to alcohol. Even in moderate amounts alcohol can impair concentration and reaction times and reduce alertness. This means alcohol poses particular dangers for those who drive or operate machinery.

Alcohol-related workplace absence is also a problem and as many as 8 million working days a year are lost because of alcohol. Reduced productivity is also an issue as workers with a hangover may be unable to concentrate on their work as well as usual.

To prevent alcohol affecting your work try and stay within the unit limits recommended by the Government and avoid drinking on work nights. Don’t feel pressured by colleagues and clients to drink too much.

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