Alcohol and Wellbeing


When you only drink in moderation, there are usually no problems and alcohol can be safely enjoyed. However, when you drink heavily, alcohol is likely to negatively affect your health and wellbeing.

The Government recommends that men drink less than three or four units of alcohol a day and drink less than 21 units a week. It recommends that women drink less than two or three units a day and drink less than 14 units a week. If you don’t really know how much you drink, try keeping an alcohol diary for a few weeks to give you an idea of how many units you consume and when.

Reducing your alcohol intake will benefit your health and wellbeing in the following ways:

  • It will lessen the risk of getting cancer or heart disease
  • It lessens the risks of alcohol-related heart disease and cancers
  • You’re less likely to have an alcohol-related accident or injury
  • You’ll take less dangerous risks, such as having unprotected sex
  • You could save money
  • Your energy levels will be boosted and you’ll sleep better
  • You’ll be less moody and your emotions will be less erratic
  • You’ll reduce the risk of alcohol-related depression



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