Alcohol and Violence


Alcohol is regularly linked to incidences of violence and aggression. Figures show that there are about 23,000 alcohol-related incidents every week in the UK. These range from fights and breaches of the peace to physical assaults and worse.

Studies also reveal that more than half of violent crime is carried out by someone who has been drinking. More than a third of violent incidents take place in a pub or club.

Drinking alcohol can make people lose their temper more quickly or in situations where they normally wouldn’t. Alcohol experts also warn that alcohol can make individuals more confrontational. It affects the ability to think rationally too and can cause perspective to be skewed and situations to be blown out of proportion.

Alcohol slows the brain’s information-processing function down and can cause confusion. This can bring about misunderstandings and misreading of social cues. In turn, this can spark violence.

When people are drunk they’re more likely to take risks. Alcohol can lower the inhibitions which would normally steer people away from fights, aggression and volatile situations.

Pub and club environments can contribute to violent behaviour, especially when they’re very full and loud. Violence can erupt from an accidental knock, a drink being spilled, a so-called ‘dirty look’ or a misunderstanding.








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