Alcohol and Stress


It’s common for people to turn to alcohol when they feel under stress. This might be when they have a lot on their mind, ongoing worries or have had a bad day at work. In the long run, though, alcohol could cause problems rather than solving them.

Statistics compiled by the NHS reveal that more than one in four people drink when they feel stressed. People also get into the habit of drinking to close off the working day or week, or to signal that the kids are in bed and adult time has begun. For some, alcohol can be a kind of divider in the day.

However, excessive drinking or relying to much on alcohol for stress management can cause problems. Having a hangover can make it difficult to get up for work and can make it hard to concentrate once you are at work. You may get behind at work,  feel irritable and be snappy to colleagues when you’re there.

Alcohol depresses the nervous system and can disturb sleeping patterns and upset emotional balance. This can lead to feeling anxious and unable to cope with stress.

If you’re drinking regularly to manage stress or feel concerned about how much you rely on alcohol it’s advisable to look for other ways to cope with pressure and anxiety. Different things work for different people but popular stress management techniques include having a bath, chatting over issues with loved ones, taking exercise and being outdoors.



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