Alcohol and Panic Attacks


Some people suffer panic attacks when they’ve been drinking alcohol. For panic attack sufferers, it often follows that the more they drink, the greater the likelihood of them suffering an anxiety attack and the more severe it’s likely to be.

Drinking can raise the heart rate and make the nervous system more hyperactive and both of these things can contribute to the onset of a panic attack.

A lot of people are not aware that drinking alcohol can be related to panic attacks as booze is so often linked with relaxation and nerve-calming. Although it’s true that in the short term alcohol can act as a relaxant, in excess it can also increase the likelihood of anxiety attacks, especially in people who are pre-disposed to them.

Furthermore, excess drinking can cause problems in areas such as personal relationships, finances and at work. These types of problems can be upsetting and stressful and therefore cause people to feel like they can’t cope and to feel panicky.

People who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks should be careful not to drink to excess. It’s also advisable to become aware of other potential triggers such as caffienated drinks and sugar. 

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