Alcohol Treatment in London


If you want to access quality alcohol treatment, then there are a good range of treatment centres in London.

Being the capital of the UK and in the heart of South Eastern England, there is a good choice of private clinics that treat both alcohol and drug addictions.

Some clinics specialise in treating either alcohol or drugs and this specialism means they will offer a high level of dedicated care for the particular addiction.

London alcohol treatment centres can provide accessible, affordable alcohol treatment. These private clinics offer comfortable in-patient treatment where a person stays at the clinic for the duration of their alcohol detoxification.

When a person is suffering from severe alcohol addiction, staying at an in-patient alcohol treatment centre maybe provide the safest and most supportive option. This is because unmanaged alcohol detox can have serious, potentially fatal, side effects.

As well as detox, alcohol treatment clinics in London provide comfortable, calming accommodation and quality food for the duration of the patient’s stay.

On top of quality treatment and medical support from experienced and qualified staff, these clinics can also provide holistic therapies and psychological support in order to ensure the patient is given the best chance of recovery.

Wellington Lodge are a London-based alcohol treatment clinic, they provide both in-patient and out-patient treatment. Their in-patient treatment centre is a professional, comfortable and accessible for those living in London and across the UK. For more information visit

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