Accessing Alcohol Addiction Treatment Via Mobile Websites


With the trend for browsing the internet on mobile phones becoming more and more common, all kinds of online businesses and services are providing mobile ready sites for their customers to view on their Smartphones.

Mobile websites are great for when people are on the go and can only browse the internet for short periods. They provide a quick and private way to access information anytime and anywhere.

It is not just shopping and entertainment sites that people browse on their mobile phones. Often the privacy of a mobile phone provides the opportunity for people to seek help for negative influences in their lives, such as addictions.

A person can use their Smartphone to find out if a treatment centre is right for them and this is made much easier if the clinic provides a mobile website.

These mobile websites contain just a few pages with all the information a person needs to make contact quickly and discretely. They are accessible and easy to navigate on a Smartphone.

One type of addiction treatment centre that can reach out to people through mobile websites are alcohol dependency treatment clinics. Wellington Lodge is one such clinic in London that has recently invested in a mobile website.

The Wellington Lodge mobile website contains everything that visitors need to find out more and get in touch with the treatment centre. There are pages about the clinic and a short alcohol self assessment form to fill out.

Website visitors can easily contact the Wellington Lodge Clinic as the site contains the telephone number on every page and a quick contact form that can be filled out on a Smartphone and will prompt a call back.

This type of mobile website really does make accessing alcohol treatment options easier as information is available to the user anytime of the day or night on their mobile phone. For more information visit

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