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Take Your Business Into China With Baidu PPC

Baidu PPCFor businesses seeking to break into the Chinese speaking market, Baidu is the PPC management platform of choice as the number one search engine in China.

Although the range of tools available for this platform are currently more limited than those on Google, Baidu PPC still requires proper management in order to generate high search traffic and appropriate inbound enquiries when looking at marketing and content generation in Chinese. It has a suite of keyword suggestion tools and other helpful utilities.

Cornish WebServices specialise in multinigual websites, including Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese, so we know about the differences needed in web design and optimisation when using these very different character sets. When we design a website in Chinese or translate a website into this language we make sure we optimise it to be found on the Chinese search engine Baidu, which in turn greatly assists with determining PPC quality scores so you get the best possible return on investment for your advertising budget.

Baidu PPCAs with Google AdWords one of the most important things to take into account with PPC on Baidu is the selection of keywords and matching keywords to highly relevant landing pages. The Baidu Keyword Suggestion Tool can help to find relevant keywords that have been previously typed into Baidu for a similar business or service to those you are looking to market.

For click through rate (CTR), ad copy and URL selection are important and must be taken into account when creating web pages and PPC campaigns in the Chinese language.

To take full advantage of pay per click advertising in Chinese on Baidu, as well as on other search engines in a wide range of other languages, give Cornish WebServices a call today on 0330 555 4680 to ask about our comprehensive SEO services which can help you to build up your revenue and grow your business, wherever in the world you are.


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